Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Unrepentant addict here

It's that time again. When I sit at my desk and stare out the window. Sick to death of winter. Even my layers are wearing layers. And it's so cold I can see the fence posts shivering. The horses are pissed at being stuck in their stalls. I tried to explain why they can't go out. Their responses are unprintable. Spring is coming. I know it. The Farmer's Almanac promised. I don't care that Punxatawny Phil bit the mayor's ear (although that sure was funny to watch).

Give me trucks. Shiny trucks. With new bling. Transformed in ways I hadn't seen or imagined. Gleaming brightly in the warm sunshine. I'd like to stroll the parking lot oohing and aahing and visiting with hundreds of old friends. Can't wait to make some new ones. Let me look under the hood and crawl under the trailer and see freshly painted and chromed parts. Or covers made of painted fiberglas or polished aluminum or some new space age polymer I've yet to admire. I want the details. How did you come up with this idea? Did you do this yourself or have someone craft it for you? And you get what kind of fuel economy with this sparkly ride? Those twin sticks actually grab gears for you? With your seats on the floor, how on earth do you manage to see through the windshield?

Let me straighten out the doubters. What do you mean when you imply these trucks don't work? Of course they do. In fact, if you had seen them just a few weeks ago, or even a few days ago, you wouldn't recognize them today. Then they were covered in snow or mud or dirt or salt or some chemical residue from road spray. And now here they are, dressed in their Spring finery. Better than a new Easter bonnet (remember those?!).

I'm a Show Truck Junkie. Not looking for a cure. Give me a fix.

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