Thursday, March 26, 2015

The faces of MATS

All due respect to the amazing displays set up by the vendors here (and they are Capital-A Amazing), but the best thing about the show is the people you meet, either in the EXPO Center or at the Papa John's Lot before or after. Here are just a few of the folks we've run into, the "Faces of MATS"...

Tomio Watanabe is a trucker and OOIDA member from Las Vegas. Born in Japan, he came to America to be a pilot but found his way into trucking instead. For the past five years, he's been covering MATS as a freelance journalist for FullLoad, a Japanese trucking magazine.

Shawn Moore, Sr., better known as "Big Sexy," is an OOIDA life member from New Madison, Ohio. The Patriots logo on the side of his truck is to honor his kids' school, the Tri-Valley Patriots. 

Candy Bass, aka "Grandma Candy" is an OOIDA life member with over 41 years of trucking experience. She can be found holding court in the Papa John's Lot.

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