Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More than 50 years of big hood lookin' good

My eyes lit up, and my heart beat a little faster. There's a new Limited Edition Kenworth going into production; it's called the Icon 900. And, yes, it is a special edition of the traditional big hood W900L. 

It will be individually numbered and badged, and have all the features you've come to love, along with a few special something extras. 

A stainless and chrome package with all the "bugs" (Kenworth emblems) in shiny silver, with LED lighting almost everywhere except the headlights. 

It has great-looking down-lighting, an 86-inch studio sleeper, and some special enhancements to the VIT diamond tuck interior.

The styling harks back to the early 1960s. But the look is all today -- big, bold, and ready to get down the road in style.

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