Monday, March 30, 2015

#FacesOfMats - End of show roundup

The amount of people attending MATS is mind-blowing enough in and of itself, but the number of those people who are also OOIDA members meant it was hard to go from Point A to Point B without having to take a slight detour to chat with (or photograph) people who were rocking their Association apparel.

The thing about our members in general, is they are some of the kindest, most professional folks you're ever going to meet anywhere. The ones I met, visited with, and in most cases, took pictures of, were all delightful. And nobody gave me a hard time about taking pictures with my tablet, either!

Life members Nathan & Elizabeth Ricks stop by the Land Line Now booth in the North Lobby.

Life Member Tom Smith taking in some of the sights in the West Wing Exhibition Hall.
Members Gina and Brian Kuhn, working the booth for Church of the Traveling Steering Wheel, a conference call church service geared for over-the-road truckers who are away from home.

OOIDA members Debbie and John Newgent at the Women In Trucking Salute on Saturday.

Life Member Aaron Stoltzfoos and his wife Esther. They've been married for 51 years.
Member Paul Daugherty, his wife Ramona, and their kids Chris and Hannah, take a break from shopping for truck parts.

Life Member David Hutchinson, and his son Blaine, age 7, were on the lookout for Peterbilts on Friday.

Life Member Russell Short,aka "White Shadow" in homage to the TV show, said this was the first time in 10 years he'd made it to Louisville for MATS.

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